Labour saved through blow-release of natural enemies
In many ornamental and tree nursery crops, the use of biological pest control can be time-consuming. The newly improved Airbug by Koppert now offers you a solution and delivers savings in labour of around 80% compared with manual introduction.

Improved Airbug
The Airbug hand-held blower distributes predatory mites quickly and evenly. The improved model makes a whole range of combinations of natural enemies possible for combating various infestations. These can be released in a single work session.

The Airbug is only suitable for use in situations in which it is possible to walk in amongst the crop.
The blower consists of a blowing section (fan), a number of dosage pots, a mixing pot, a carrying belt, two batteries and an adjustable pipe allowing the device to also be used in taller crops (see photographs). The Airbug is supplied in a handy carry case.

The product works as follows:

  • In combination with the special fan, the turning dosage pot ensures an even release of carrier material containing natural enemies.
  • The stream of air from the fan ensures the even distribution of the material up to a distance of at least 4 metres from the Airbug.
  • The unique design ensures that the natural enemies suffer no damage due to the use of the blower.
  • It is possible to release mixtures of different natural enemies in a single work session.

Demonstration film

The Airbug is a product of Koppert Biological Systems. Patent pending.