Koppert developed Rotabug especially for crops such as strawberries. It can be used to disperse natural enemies including Spidex, Thripex, and Swirski-Mite.

The Rotabug-W is a simple and effective solution for areas up to around four hectares, ensuring fast and even release of natural enemies. Rotabug-W is made of aluminium with elevated rotating axles on both sides. The three-litre dosing drums are affixed to these axles. As with the Rotabug-R, the distance between the drums, as well as the size of the dispersal opening, can be adjusted. Rotabug-W can be wheeled through the crop by a single person. The wheel at the front is connected to the rotating axles, making it easy to keep track of how much material is being dispersed.

For an impression of the Rotabug-W click here.

Rotabug-R comprises a three-litre dosing drum with an aluminium-covered motor. The dispersal openings are easily adjustable, as is the working width. The opening size determines the dosing of the natural enemies, together with the forward speed of the unit. Multiple Rotabug-R units are designed to fit onto a horizontal boom, mounted on a tractor. The Rotabug-R units can be switched on and off individually from the tractor cab.

User instructions
Read the complete instructions for use carefully before starting.
Pdf user’s instructions Rotabug-W

How to fill the drums

  • Adjust the dispersal openings to the required hole size. ¹
  • Make sure that all drums are adjusted to the same position.
  • Make sure that the opening of all drums are pointing upwards.
  • Open the drum by holding the flap and turn the drum.
  • Fill up to a maximum of 2000 ml.²
  • Close the drum by holding the flap and turn the drum in the opposite direction

1. 2.

IndicationDistance between the clampsAverage volume of material dispersed over 100 metresAverage Spidex per metre
110 mmAlmost closed0
212 mm50 ml10
314 mm80 ml16
416 mm100 ml20
518 mm130 ml26
620 mm160 ml32

Just like the our blowers (Mini-Airbug and Air(o)bug), this technology has been completely developed in-house.